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When deciding to buy a stroller, you are faced with endless possibilities. And we understand that it is a decision that parents do not take it easy. You need time to do your research.

After all, it is not just a product like any other. You will be using the pram for many hours while walking with your child or enjoying a day in the park. It will be part of your experience as a parent and your time bonding with your child. You will create endless precious memories for the years to come. And we understand that you need a top quality product that reflects and understands your family needs.

We made it our mission to bring top quality products to offer our dear customers. And Mima selection of strollers is at the top of our list. The style and elegance of Mima products have made the brand a preferred choice by parents.

The new models of Mima are the results of endless tests and improvements edition to get to the models available now: Mima Xari and Mima Sport.In this article, we are looking into Mima Xari stroller.


Mima Xari Stroller

The design of this stroller will certainly be something different and will help you differentiate yourself. The outside of the stroller comes in four colours: white, chocolate brown, black, and camel. The materials are easy to clean and maintain, so you will be able to use this stroller for many years. It is easy to change from a position to another, by having 3 Way Recline: Sitting, Resting and Sleeping. It is a great option for new-born babies, which can later be adapted to travelling if purchasing the right accessories.

A specific aspect of luxury strollers is that the seat is reversible. The hand bar is adjustable so it fits very well if the family members have different heights, everyone can walk the baby.

Another aspect that is treated with great care is the protection for the child. Even if we are talking about a sunny day or a windy day. The stroller has a large canopy depending on how much you want to cover. It has an amazing design created for families to be able to enjoy fun days outside without worrying about sunburst or getting cold.

Are you already convinced that the Mima stroller is the right fit for you? If not, the next details will certainly win you over.

The wheels of the stroller are designed for a premium experience. Created for high resistance, the material used is the same as used for sports shoe technology, so they never deflate. They are shock absorbent, resistant and durable, all to offer parents a great experience. It has great manoeuvrability, as the front wheels can be locked straight, at the touch of the button( in case you want to go over grass or there is a rainy day). More than that, it has a break that it is easy to use, just flip flop on it and you can block it and unblock it. Great for saving time! The Mima strollers are a great option to spend time outside with the children!

But this is not all! We know that for parents, and for moms especially, the stroller is not just an item to carry on your child with it, it has to offer convenience too. These strollers are special because it offers two storage units. They are private storage, with lids that close, so people who pass near you on the streets do not see what you have in them. How great is that?

The stroller has a clean design. It is easy to close it and store it when you do not need it. It is a stable and durable option, so it might be a little heavy. But you can take off the seat and use it while travelling.

The unfold system is very simple. You just lift the handlebar and take a step back. The stroller comes with an extendable canopy (which comes in a variety of colours, you just pick your favourite).

Do you want more?
The stroller Xari has a ‘’bassinet inside’’ system, which means it can be used either as a bassinet or as a pram. When it isn’t used, the basinet is stored inside the seat unit itself. And the transformation from pram to basinet or vice versa takes only 15 seconds.

We did not forget about accessories. We have several starting packs, with special designs, such as: retro blue, black& white, autumn stripes, sandy beiges, ruby red, and more classic choices: black and white. These are must-have accessories that go with the stroller.

The price tag might seem high at first, but when you look at all the details and the technology used to create it, you will discover that it will be money well spent. The design is to die for, and definitely something different.


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