These Terms and Conditions of Hire set out the terms that are to apply between the customer (“you”) and Tiny Tots Baby Store Pty Ltd  (ABN 71 221 219 837 ) (“Tiny Tots Baby Store ”, “we” or “us”) for the hire and use of hire equipment provided by Tiny Tots Baby Store.

By placing an order to hire equipment from Tiny Tots Baby Store you agree that these Terms and Conditions will apply to the agreement for Tiny Tots Baby Store to hire Equipment to you.

This agreement covers all products hired by Tiny Tots Baby Store Including Breast pumps,Car seats and Capsules.


Agreement to hire Equipment

We agree to hire Equipment to you, and you agree to hire the Equipment, for the Hire Period. The “Hire Period” is the period confirmed in your booking confirmation which starts on the day you receive the Equipment from us and ends on the date specified in the booking confirmation (or as extended by agreement). “Equipment” means the products to be hired by you as described in your booking confirmation/Hire Agreement.

You can extend the Hire Period before the scheduled end of the Hire Period by contacting Tiny Tots Baby Store. You will be required to pay additional time based fees equal to the period by which you are extending the Hire Period. We will confirm the extended Hire Period in a further booking confirmation.

You may return the Equipment to Tiny Tots Babby Store before the end of the Hire Period. However, we will not provide you with any refund for the unused portion of the Hire Period.

Important information

Using child car restraints safely

  • You are responsible for the safety of any child who uses the Equipment. You must familiarise yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions and comply with them when using the Equipment.
  • At the time of installation of any car seat or capsule by us, we will instruct you on the proper use of that piece of Equipment.
  • Tiny Tots Baby Store is committed to ensuring that child car restraints are fitted and used properly.
  • Child restraint installation is an additional service, We will not install the hired capsules and car seats free.
  • If Tiny Tots Baby Store does not install the Equipment in your vehicle, we recommend that you have the Equipment installed by an appropriately qualified and experienced car seat installer and under the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • You should regularly check that the child car restraint is firmly and securely installed under the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • A failure to properly install a child car restraint could cause the restraint not to operate as intended and could pose a risk of serious injury to a child.
    You ensure no one uses the Equipment who is not instructed in the proper use of the Equipment.

What to do if you have concerns about the Equipment


(a) you believe that the Equipment is not working properly or becomes damaged; or
(b) the Equipment is in a motor vehicle involved in an accident,
immediately stop using the Equipment.
You must notify Tiny Tots Baby Store as soon as possible if this occurs and we will advise you of the steps you should take (for example, returning the Equipment to Tiny Tots Baby store).

Fees and charges

You agree to pay to us the fees and charges contemplated by these Terms and Conditions. We set the current fees for hiring Equipment out in the schedule.
If you do not return the Equipment to Tiny Tots Baby Store at the end of the Hire Period, We will charge $10 Per day late fees in relation to the additional time that the Equipment remains outstanding beyond the original Hire Period.
All fees and charges quoted are in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST.

Security Deposit and lost or damaged Equipment

When you hire Equipment, a Security Deposit is also payable. We will refund the Security Deposit back to you (in the same payment method as which we made it) when:
(a) you return the Equipment at the end of the Hire Period; and
(b) provided the Equipment is returned to us in the same condition as at the start of the Hire Period, except for fair, wear and tear.
If the Equipment:
(a) is not returned to us at the end of the Hire Period; or
(b) is returned not in the same condition as at the date of the Hire Period, excepting fair, wear and tear, we can keep some or all of the Security Deposit (at our discretion) to meet the costs of the lost or damaged Equipment.

If the amount of the Security Deposit is not enough to meet our costs or the loss we have suffered because of the Equipment not being or being returned, you agree to pay to Tiny Tots Baby Store the costs of cleaning, repairing or replacement the Equipment, to the extent those costs exceed the amount of the Security Deposit.
If we incur additional costs (such as collection fees or legal expenses) in seeking payments from you under clause 19 , you agree to reimburse Tiny Tots Baby Store for those additional costs.
If the Equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, you must inform Tiny Tots Baby Store as soon as possible after you become aware.