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As a parent, protection for your child is the first priority. One way to keep your child safe and prevent a conceivable fatal injury in a car collision is to provide your kids, especially the newborns to be placed in a car seat. One mistake committed by parents is to hold their children or sit them on their lap.

That’s why Maxi Cosi takes protection from car seats seriously and has designed one of the best baby car seats in the market.

Here is Belinda from Maxi Cosi Australia demonstrating features and benefits of Maxi Cosi Luna Pro car seat in our showroom.

Maxi-Cosi introduces the new Luna Pro, offering the ultimate customized safety and comfort. The enhanced features include the adjustable headrest shield with air protection to provide more space for your growing infant, superior side impact technology, and world-first chin support. The Luna Pro offers the best overall safety and protection in the event of the unimaginable happening while inside a vehicle.

Why air protection is so important?

Maxi Cosi Air Protect Superior Side Impact Technology reduces head effect relative to a non-air seat by much more than 35 percent. Be assured your child is traveling in the finest and most secure car seat in the market, as it currently stands.

What are the Luna Pro Features and Benefits?

- Headrest with Air Protect and chin support. Adjustable headrest with 4 pockets of Air Protect design to provide superior safety and comfort for your child while they are traveling. The chin support is to alleviate head-flop for sleeping children.

- Adjustable comfort headrest technology featuring Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection which reduces head impact by over 35%.

- Fold-away cup holders. For holding baby bottles or water bottles so your kids can easily reach it.

- Harness guides which help prevent straps twisting. Keeping your child secure and fully harnessed until 8 years of age. It is a wonderful add on for parents like us to use the full harness seats because it keeps smaller body framed children and children with special needs securely harnessed at all times.

- Adjustable armrests. So your kids can easily hop in and out of the car seat.

- The 2 Position recline of the seat. It is for a safer and better fit in a wider range of vehicles, offering additional comfort for your sleeping child. This is a perfect add on for younger children who often fall asleep during long travels.

- A ‘Cool Baby’ wicking fabric that draws the moisture away from little ones. This keeps your child cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

- The Removable Insert means that comfort is adjustable as the child grows!

- And it has a machine washable cover, too!

What is a “Dual action” buckle?

Innovative and easy to use, the “dual action” buckle and crotch adjustment ensure the perfect fit at every age. No rethreading of straps, just automatic adjustment! This easy to use function gives more space for growing legs without being too tight and uncomfortable.

The Luna Pro is a forward-facing car seat ideal for 6 months to 8 years and will provide your family with a long-lasting seat which is number 1 in safety.  The thought-out design provides comfort and functionality.

Maxi Cosi has thought of it all with the Maxi Cosi Luna Pro. It is jam-packed with features that will make your life as a parent so much easier.

We highly recommend Luna pro car seats for parents who are looking for a fully harnessed seat for their child up to 8 years of age.

Check out our store at 1142 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree gully, Vic 3156

For car seat fitting, prior bookings are necessary.

We will address your concerns at the store about the safety of the child and the car seats, so we want to make sure that we have enough time allocated to go through this important and necessary subject.


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