The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Perfect Nursery
How to Design Your Baby Nursery?


There are endless decisions that come with having a baby and raising a tiny human. Although some of those decisions can sound very challenging, we're here to reassure you that at least one of them may sound simple and even enjoyable.

Designing your baby's nursery can be a fun and exciting experience for your baby-to-be, but it can also seem a little overwhelming, particularly if you don't know where to start. When creating this space, the most important thing you can do is design a nursery that will bring you joy, a place to chill out, and enjoy. You will after all spend so much time in the room.

Here's your go-to guide on what you need to know when you put together a happy place for your new baby.


Choose a theme

While limiting yourself to a single concept isn't absolutely necessary, settling on a particular idea will help you narrow your focus and create a more cohesive design.

Choosing a theme for your nursery can be both exciting and challenging. Baby books, magazines, and even Pinterest offer thousands of concepts but if you don't know where to start, it can be overwhelming. While it may seem difficult to select the perfect theme for your baby's room, there are methods you can use to make the process easier. Choosing a focal point, concentrating on color, or taking inspiration from your personal interests are ways to construct a fun nursery theme that both you and your infant will enjoy.

Decide on your color palette

Use warm colors to stimulate vision. Colors such as red, orange, and yellow make the spaces feel dynamic and cozy. The energizing colors will help build an exciting atmosphere, but if you want a more relaxed feeling in your nursery you may want to consider using them as accents only.

Look for furniture, bedding, and decor that will complement the colors if you choose warm colors. Look for neutral pieces to include in the room if you want to tone down the colors.

If you want a calming and soothing room, select cool or pastel colors. Colors such as blues, greens, grays, and pastels help create a relaxed atmosphere. These shades are very popular in nurseries as many parents want their baby to have a relaxing environment.

Colors such as bright, yellow, or red are too vivid, and should not be used.

Choose a crib and bedding

Your investment element in the space will be the Crib. You may think this is a temporary item and not worth the cost, but for three years or more many children sleep in their crib. Also, if you intend on having more kids, a durable crib will last for many kiddos.

A convertible crib can cost more than some standard models, but the initial investment is well worth those talented transformers. A convertible crib becomes a charming, toddler-friendly day bed with a few relatively simple adjustments. Add a couple of spare parts and what once was a crib turns into a full-size adult bed, taking your little one from cradle to college and far beyond.

Your nursery's showpiece will be the baby bedding and crib. This is a perfect place to have fun in your own style and move forward. It's also a great place to add a theme or create a palette of colors for the room.

Make sure you're investing in plenty of crib-fit covers. You're going to be surprised by how many days you're going to go through. And, unless you're going to regularly do laundry, you'll need plenty of spare sheets on hand.

Look for soft-to-touch bedding and 100% cotton to keep the delicate skin of the baby healthy.

Create a nursing station

Breastfeeding or not, this may well be your nursery's most significant investment, a comfortable place to sit. You'll be sitting here rocking your baby to sleep, feeding her, reading to her, laughing with her, and cuddling with her. In short, there'll be plenty of parent-baby bonding in place. So, carefully pick your rocking chair.

Skip the Changing Table

Instead, use a dresser. If you’re limited on space, then the changing top is a fantastic option. Leander, Shnuggle, and Baby Rest are some change mat brands you can consider. They secure to the top of any dresser, so be sure you have a dresser that’s at a comfortable height for you. The best part of a changing top is when you’re out of the diaper phase, you can remove it and you’re left with a dresser for your big kid.

Get creative with storage

You may have noticed the most stuff the tiniest people need. Toys, diapers, books, clothes, gear ... Everything has to go somewhere. When choosing storage here are a few things to consider.

Pick storage that will suit your needs today and tomorrow. Even if it seems like it, your baby will not be in diapers forever, so be sure that when you're through with that process, the basket you buy for diapers will hold on to something else.


A simple nursery can be simply beautiful! Remember, it’s your home. It's for your family. If that makes you happy, it's just fine. Ready to adorn! Share your creative ideas with us at #tinytotsbabystoreau.


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