Revolutionising Safety and Convenience: InfaSecure Adapt More Capsule

Safety, comfort, and convenience – the foundation of a parent's journey for the perfect child car seat. In the world of infant capsules, the InfaSecure Adapt More stands out as a revolutionary development, with its ground-breaking achievements and unique features that redefine the standards of child safety on the road.

Unveiling the Breakthrough: Patented Tether Base Design The InfaSecure Adapt More capsule is Australia's first and only patented Tether Base. Years of meticulous research and development in a design that eliminates the need to reattach and readjust the Top Tether Strap for every trip.

Once the base is fitted, the unique Tether Base Design ensures that readjustments of the top tether strap after every trip become a thing of the past. This innovative capsule not only ensures ease but also combats the misuse of the Top Tether Strap.

Versatility Redefined: Stroller Compatibility and ISOFix Installation Versatility defines the InfaSecure Adapt More, tested for compatibility with over 30 leading stroller brands. Its ISOFix compatibility coupled with a discreet storage option for ISOFix connectors beneath the Capsule Base provides flexibility in installation options. The pop-out recline foot ensures optimal recline, while the Easy Lock Belt Clamp simplifies and secures the Seat Belt Installation.

Comfort Beyond Measure: Active BambooTM and Aircraft Approval The InfaSecure Adapt More redefines comfort with its Active BambooTM covers, a high-performance bamboo charcoal fabric that keeps your child cool and dry, providing a soft, smooth surface for complete comfort during travels.

Not stopping at road trips, it features a specialised belt path for aircraft seatbelts, making it aircraft approved and ready for air travel convenience (always call your airline before travel to ensure compatibility with their aircraft).

Compact, Light, and Post-Purchase Care: Measuring at 59cm in Rearward Facing mode, the InfaSecure Adapt More is one of the most compact capsules on the Australian market, complemented by its lightweight design at 4.6kg.

Additionally, purchasing the InfaSecure Adapt More ensures enrolment in the Infa Group Premium Customer Program, offering extended warranty, lifetime discounts on spare parts, priority customer care, and more. The InfaSecure Adapt More Capsule isn't just a car seat; it's a testament to innovation, convenience, and uncompromising safety. It's a game-changer, simplifying the journey for parents while providing the highest standards of protection and comfort for their little ones on the move.

Check out the InfaSecure Adapt More here

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